I just joined the site to get the frequent podcasts and tools.  Does anyone know where, if anywhere, I can find the infamous Juggling Koan diagram?  I believe the podcast says it is available but I can't find it anywhere... anyone know where I can find it?


Ian Lewis

Regina, SK

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 Here you go Ian:

Google and ye shall find



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 I believe the original poster was looking for the diagram and not the actual podcast.


I've searched myself and cannot find it. I looked in the shownotes and there was no diagram in there.



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 Correct… in the podcast they refer to the visual of a box with the 20 balls in it -- the box is inflexible and can't have more added or they will fall on to the floor.

Anyone else out there know where it is?  I worry it was removed!


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A visual was produced for the MT conference I attended back in 2008 and was included in the Powerpoint deck. Perhaps, a nice note to [email protected] and they may upload the visual. I checked my show notes...and the visual to which you refer is not in my show notes.

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Did anyone ever come up with the diagram? I'd love to see it.

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It sounds similar to the graphic in the shownotes here:

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