WIRED magazine has an advice column called "Mr. Know-It-All"... this month he advises someone whose manager is adversely comparing his performance to that a coworker who is using a prescription wakefulness promoting agent to enable him to work long hours.


When I read this, I couldn't help thinking, I bet the M-T answer would be different!

Of course, I also think this employee wouldn't have this problem if they had an M-T manager...


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Nice link, Terri. The advice was pretty weak: Talk to him "mano-a-mano" and let him know he's making you look bad? Yeah, that'll get him to relax... And if he doesn't, then go to HR? Dropping an email to your boss?!! Situation like that can't be stable for long....


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I agree, some of the advice was right up there with leaving a bottle of deodorant on the desk of a person with a personal scent issue.

The one bit I agreed with was "focus your efforts on improving the quality of your own output." The person who's juicing will only be able to keep it up for so long before his body crashes & burns.

In fact, that would be the angle to take if confronting the person... concern for their physical well-being. Not that they'd listen, probably.