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Well, sort of.

When I attended the conference in Austin and we did the Welcome Exercise, I presented myself in my role at that time as a "manager without portfolio".

That's changed.

As of last week, I have a Director level position, reporting to the President & CEO of a systems integrator (anyone want to buy storage solutions? :lol: ) in the Tampa area, with only local travel involved (at least for now - and this is a [i]good[/i] thing).

Things of note - the position wasn't advertised; it came up, due to someone else moving on, and I was brought over because of my network. During the interview (just the one, 2 hours or so), several questions came up that I had no issue with because of the information in the Interview Series. (Although as it was a surprise "can you pop by?" interview, let's just say that I wasn't exactly dressed per the advice in the series!).

I've gone back to the beginning of the podcasts and started reviewing items for action that I need to take to the new role; I have no doubt that the information that helped get me here will help keep me here.

Color me one happy MT member :D



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Let me be the first to say: Congratulations.


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Congrats, Gary ... I suspected your "freedom" wouldn't last long. ;-)

best regards,

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Congrats, Gary!


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Just want to add to the congrats - looks like you'll be busy for the near future!

Great news~

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That's very cool Gary. I could tell when we chatted in Texas that you really got and cared about this stuff. There are a lot of lucky people working for a storage solution company in Tampa!

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Thanks guys, I appreciate it.