Found you guys on iTunes last week and can't stop listening to your shows.

I was promoted to manager a few years back and have had no formal management training at all. I felt really frustrated that I was doing a poor job of handling my responsibilities, and was even considering to quit and find another job with less stress.

Your podcasts are just SOOO good! I am listening to them every chance I get and will begin one-on-ones in a couple of weeks.

Ever think about a manager session in Japan?

Great job guys!

Kris in Tokyo

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Kris - just wait until you start getting into the discussion forums. Hundreds of chatty like-minded managers from around the world helping one another. Cool.


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Hi Kris

Welcome... if you think they are good now, wait until you get to like podcast 100 and can combine lots of MT concepts in the workplace. Enjoy and keep learning!