BLUF: Bad timing on major announcements from my company are causing difficulty in "playing the role" while trying to keep my employees calm. 

2 weeks ago my company rolled out 2 major changes that effect a significant number of my employees. The first is about their pensions, the second is about holidays for 2016. Managers and supervisors found out about the changes the day before they went to the employees. Not a big deal. 20 minutes before that email went out to the employees the company sent out another toting the fact that we had just acquired another company. 

Last week they sent an email (to the entire division) that all exempt employees would be furloughed for a week in December (not my employees) and that merit increases would be delayed by at least a quarter. The last time increases were delayed they were in fact canceled. Many of my employees remember that. There was no warning of this email to the managers and supervisors prior to it going out. Many of our employees were confused about the furlough because of the terminology used in the email. 

Today brought yet another email about us acquiring yet another company. 

Several of my peers are ready to just retire or leave after this latest stream of emails. The communication breakdown on this is very frustrating for me.

Thanks for letting me vent for a second. 


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Very sorry this is happening.

A furlough in Dec. sounds pretty heartless.

I hope the employees who are being furloughed at least received some sort of explanation.