Just a thank you to MT and the forums. I haven't yet spent a year at my management job and I have faced:

Hiring and firing

A pandemic

Staff health crises

My Boss losing her healthy husband

Promoting and training two new supervisors

Outflow of huge unbudgeted expenses

Windfalls of huge unbudgeted revenues

Eating in public with influential people (I didn't even know I HAD to worry about this one)

Managing a shift from doing 3 jobs at once to doing one job and managing another 2 new managers

This all in addition to the usual adjustment to a new position.

For all of these things and many more,  I have found in the podcasts compassionate, reasonable, effective and moral solutions to the everyday problems a manager faces. They're not perfect, and it's a good thing - because I would have tuned out immediately if they had no solution for recovering from the failings I experience every day.

In my career path I will never get close to six figures. I am a premium member and I paid for it myself. It was well worth it to support this effort.

I never wanted to be a manager. I'm here and making the best of it, and I just wanted to thank the MT team and all the forum posters for all the help.




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Way to go in applying learnings from the podcasts to your role.

As Mark and Mike say, "The credit goes to the one in the ring."


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Very Classy Janet,


Well done and continued success.