Sent this email to our pabx provider earlier today:


Hi ***,

You’ll see I’ve just sent you a bunch of emails which have suffered delayed response from ****.

I don’t think we’re a particularly demanding customer. When you guys subject our support and information requests to delays like this it makes us wonder if you’re too small/big/busy for us and it makes us worry that when we really need you, you won’t be there.

So... what can **** do differently to rescue this situation before it gets escalated internally?

Best regards,


And it worked a treat. I got a quality reply to all six outstanding issues and this email back:


Thank you for your email.

 **** need to discuss this failing in our service to you at a management level and come back with an appropriate response tomorrow.

 In the interim we will work on completing the current requests ASAP.

 You can be assured that when  critical faults occur, we will always be available as we have been in the past