Manager Tools has been just outisde the top 10 at [url=]Podcast Alley[/url] recently.

I big-time encourage all listeners to vote to get it back into the top 10!

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Thanks...I just voted!


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MT moved from 13 to 12 after I started this thread, but ~70 more votes are needed for re-entry into the top 10 (which is no small quantity).

Nothing more I can do but continue the encouragement from here.

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Another Ctrl+Shift+K methinks

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Wonder if I can vote from home as well as from work??

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Yes, you can. I don't think we need you to, though.


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We got it back up to Number 8! :D

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Put a monthly task in OutLook!

"madamos" added a great tip to the comments on the BLOG page:

Register at PodCastAlley to skip the e-mail verification. Simply paste the below link into the outlook task and click it once a month!

Could not be simpler to support the great work the guys do at MT!


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I believe the Mark's tip was "Ctrl-Shift-K".

Me, I vote every month early. I usually try to vote at the end of the month, just in case I missed it.

Given the quality of the information that Mike and Mark give away for free on the podcast, the very least we can do is boost 'em up the list!

Thanks Mike & Mark!

Will Duke

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Bing! First of October today, please go and vote!

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Thirteenth of February, and MT got all of 15 votes so far this month.

Voting is easy. Mark&Mike want to be in the top 10. If we can vote another 15 times we can give them a nice Valentines day present!

You can use the box on the top left of the MT home page! No outlook tricks required, no excuses....

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I'm having trouble voting. I haven't voted from this PC, this company or this email address at all, ever, but it comes back with:

[code:1]You have already voted for this podcast this month.
Please vote again next month.[/code:1]

I have dropped podcast alley an email but no reply yet....

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Peter, the same thing happened to me. Please update this thread if you hear anything from podcast alley

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[quote="rthibode"]Peter, the same thing happened to me. Please update this thread if you hear anything from podcast alley[/quote]

It's happening to me as well, from both home and from work and using both Firefox and IE. I've contacted PCA as well, I'll update if I get a response.


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I just thought I must be REALLY forgetful!


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I got the same response! I wonder if this is a conspiracy... :)

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ah well the thot plickens, er, I mean the plot thickens.....

Let's hope someone gets an answer soon...

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Same here, it says I have already voted!!!!


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Hey everyone: The voting function in Podcast Alley is now working. I just successfully voted and got the confirmation e-mail. So there's at least one MT vote for this month!

This Podcast Alley forum discussion described it as a bug in the software that was fixed last night:


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Thanks for putting the time and effort in and letting us know!

Now everybody - VOTE!

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Done. Thanks Kyle!

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bump! It's that time again.

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Getting the "already voted" message. I also tried using one of my throwaway e-mail addresses and got it with that one, too. I know it's never been used for this let alone today.

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[quote="jael"]Getting the "already voted" message.[/quote]

Ditto, this is becoming a habit.


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I've just got the message again as well. I've just sent the message below to Podcast Alley. I'll update here when/if they write back.

Lately, when I try to vote for my favourite podcast, I get told I've already voted this month, which is not true.

Many others have been getting the same messages. See this thread, starting with the Feb. 15th post:

I checked your KNOWLEDGEBASE, and the answer provided does not apply to me:

[i]Are you navigating to the site from a university campus or some other kind of shared network or a shared computer? PodcastAlley only allows one vote per IP address for month, so if you are on a network that is sharing IPs, this may block votes.[/i]

Thanks for the information.

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I'm also getting that I already voted this month and I know it has been months since I voted.

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Here's my auto-reply from Podcast Alley. And I thought I had staffing problems!

[i]Your message is currently being printed out and strapped to the back of one of our well-trained ferrets. The ferret will then quickly and efficiently carry the message to our PodShow ticket router, a gorilla named Abe. Abe will then give your message to the appropriate operator in exchange for a banana and some yogurt snacks.[/i]

(I'll let you all know when their real answer comes.)

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Vote vote vote. :D

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Thanks for reminding. 17th at this moment!

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Back into the top 10!