Just a quick thank you for the excellent discussion in the Project Management Feedback cast re: giving feedback on behavior rather than outcomes, attitudes, state of mind, or intent. I can think of many times, particularly early in my management career, when I would have benefited from that advice! Though I know you guys have a bias against using parenting illustrations, I find your advice in this particular situation very relevant for us parents as well!

Regarding whether a PM should use only steps 2 and 3 or if the full model is acceptable... I don't see step 1 having the same implications regarding power as you guys talked about. I understand and even appreciate your thinking on it--I just think if done with appropriate body language and vocal tone, it is actually respectful of a peer to use Step 1, not domineering.

Thanks for the great cast. Well done,

Andy Kaufman, host of The People and Projects Podcast (