Hey everyone. I'm getting my Ph.D. in Computer Science @ Virginia Tech. I've been writing code for money since 1995, but I've started taking more leading roles in the team efforts over the years.

I'm looking to start (or just lead) a software company later on in my life, and the management tools here are great! Most of them are already useful in the research projects (and some private work I do here and there) I do today.

Life in a college town @ 27 yrs old is a sweet spot! Karate, motorcycling, and running on the side.

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I'm also living in Blacksburg. I currently work in Roanoke but that may change soon as I have an interview lined up tomorrow in Suffolk (hence the reason I have not yet posted my own bio - I'd like to be more settled first). My brother has lived here in Bburg for about 9-10 years now and absolutely loves it here. I could get used to it but nothing in my field of work within a decent commute.


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Welcome - we're glad you're onboard. It's great for us to hear that our work is helping you be more effective.

We look forward to hearing about your successes!