I've recently changed employer and one of my direct reports his contract was just renewed for one more year.

This was all done and dusted pretty much before I joined. In the short time I've been here I've gotten a first impression of this person's attitude, work style and seen content and they are well below what is expected from the position he is in. I've had a look at his CV and I don't see a match between the content in his CV and the person working for me.

He has been with the company for 1 year now. Would it be inappropriate if, 1 year later, I do a reference check with one of his previous employers?

I know no reference check was done when he was hired. I guess I want to check if he was sincere on his resume and that maybe i'm wrong and need to have a good chat with him and change my guidance style. But if the resume is inaccurate I may need to start thinking of a quick exit.

Thanks so much for your thoughts!


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From my point of view I would start with 1:1's and feedback, ask for improvements and if you dont see it over a longer period of time, go down the route of termination.

It's expensive for the organisation to hire and if you have a chance of chancing the persons performance you have to give it everything! Dont look for "easy" ways out - manage the performance of all your people consistent, fairly and with high expectations.

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