I am preparing a training session for supervisors on "How To Fire Someone :wink: " using the Late Stage Coaching Model.

In my preparation I realized that the Late Stage Coaching is really the ending phase of a fluid process that is at first invisible. This invisible process can begin with a 'casual' adjusting feedback that leads to the uncovering of an ingrained behaviour problem in an employee, and can end with a termination or a reclamation.

I, wrongly, viewed One-On-Ones, The Feedback Model, and Coaching as interconnected, but individual units that really could be done separately. They are really fluid characteristics of this larger process that I call the Effective Behavior Growth Process. I may be alone in this revelation, but I thought I'd share it.

The Effective Behavior Growth Process is more like a river than a staircase. A river has movement toward a distinct direction. It is made of water, of course, but it also has currents, varying speeds, eddies, temperature, etc. All of these combine to give the river a character.

Another analogy is an athlete that has to combine several skills in a purposeful flow of energy. An effective manager has to do the same.

I hope I haven't rambled too much. Comments?

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An interesting insight! Glad we agree.

And, please do respect our intellectual property rights. Our works are licensed for private use only. If you wish to present our work to others, that requires a corporate license.


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In a private message, UP2L8 has let me know who he is. Mike and I spent two days with he and his management team delivering the Management Trinity last year (we do that all the time but worry about advertising it), and so as such he has all the rights he needs to deliver our work again, making sure the practices and skills are fully integrated into the day to day managerial mindset.

So, for those of you who felt some tension, breathe in, breathe out, move on. ;-)