I am a Senior Software Engineer for last 10 years and I believe that I can do much more to get my career to next level and my goal is seeking some leadership or managerial role sometime in near future, so what I should start focusing on, any training or pursue some professional training etc.

I am sure that your guide will definitely  be moving me in positive direction.




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Hi Ashvin,

You have come to the right place, MT is the best management resource that I have ever come by and moving into management there's a lot of tools you can use showing you are READY for management. 

Good suggestions for these:

Improve communication: DISC is a fantastic tool to understand

Improve meetings: see if there's any meetings you can facilitate and do this the effective meetings way.

Furthermore take all the responsibility and tasks you can get from your manager and show you willingness to support and manage more and higher level work.

Last step listen to the other podcasts so you are ready when you get there ;)

Kind Regards

Mads Sorensen

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Management is all about people, and your company cares about performance.  Work effectively with others (Mads suggestion re: DiSC is good) and perform well.  There are no magic bullets.  

Listen to podcast #1:  Solution to a Stalled Technical Career.  (

Be effective in your current role:

Work your way through the "Career Tools" podcasts, focusing on the ones that make sense for your job. 

John Hack