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My firm rolled out 4DX this year. I was a little skeptical, but I knew I had a way to think about whether or not it would be effective. I would consider it light of what I've learned from manager tools over the last 10 years. Here's what I concluded about the four disciplines of execution (4DX).

It's actionable. Just watch the 15min introductory video and you have everything you need to use it yourself (remember to use MT guidance on rolling out change)
Identify the one or two most important objectives.
Measure. Both lag and lead measures that you bet will result in reaching your objectives.
Model the change. The leader participates in the same behavior as the team.
Who does what by when. Break work into 1 week commitments.

This process to make permanent behavior change reminds me of the 5 chips in my left pocket to count the times I gave feedback and committing to meeting that goal day after day, week after week until it became a habit.

As a practice goal an ad hoc group of 13 people that sat together on the same floor lost 80 lbs in 13 weeks suing 4DX.

I hope it helps others reach their goals.

-Mike Y