First, thanks for a great podcast (one of many).

Secondly, I have to come clean and admit the error of my ways (in hindsight) about working with Haldane a few years ago in the Kansas City area. I will in middle management with a large telecommunications company when I was released. Devasted, I paid Haldane around 4k for them to put me through their cookie-cutter program Of course, nothing panned out and nearly a year later found a position on my own with a company which I am still with today, and at a higher level.

When I listened to the first podcast on this subject, I stopped in my tracks when I heard Mark mention Haldane. I didn't know their name had such a reputation in management circles.

Now for the second lesson. I was called by a recruiter from McKenzie Scott who got my name from somewhere. I had good forthright conversation with him and he wanted me to look at their 'program' online and he would call me back in a couple of days. I immediately started doing some research on McKenzie Scott and found a great number of Haldane-like complaints from people who used their services. I contacted this recruiter back and told him what I found and that I was not interested in continuing the relationship. I wonder now if I made a hasty mistake in terminating what could have been a good contact. Any thoughts on this? Should I call him back and make amends?

One last question, I will be relocating back to Kansas City this year. I don't know of any 'reputable' executive recruiter firms there (although I just ordered John Lucht's book today). I don't have many peer contacts there that may have used a recruiter (another lesson I learned about networking, at which I really stink). How would I go about starting a relationship with a firm for which I do not have a 'referral' to use when I contact them?

Thanks for a great podcast, I am learning a lot have used several of the tools so far and expect good things to happen.

Jim C.

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Thanks for the kind words. Glad we're helping you be more effective, and you're getting value from our show.

You were right to terminate the budding relationship with McKenzie Scott. They're like Haldane, and they charge for their services... and THAT is always the difference. While inherently there's nothing wrong with the concept, the economics work against you. [Think about it - they make money from YOU. They have a LOT less motivation to hang on to companies, who don't like them anyway.]

You'll find all the recruiting firms you need for KC in John Lucht's book. And, I'm sorry it's not slated for sooner, but we do have a cast queued up for how to contact a recruiter.

Until then, here's my short answer to your question, in another thread:

It's a privilege to serve you,