I am a manager at an R&D organization and have a new hire coming in next month and am pursuing another one with a decision to be made in the next few weeks. These are top notch folks that I would call friends.

Recent actions at my organization, however, have led me to the conclusion that I need to leave because of limited opportunities in my field and an emphasis on other areas by upper management.

I am concerned about bringing in new folks at the same time that I am leaving. On one hand, hiring these guys is the best thing for the company, which is what they pay me to do. On the other hand, I believe that one reason they are coming is because of me and they are also not aware of the recent developments that my limit their opportunities as well.

I have listened to the pod cast on resignations and am taking my part slow. I'm going to clarify the situation and perhaps start making contacts about positions later in the week. If the situation doesn't change, I'll probably be leaving in the June timeframe.

Any advice?

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Yes. If you believe your friends are coming in part because of you, you have an obligation to inform them of your plans.

While there are those who would gasp at this - Mark put something above management's responsibility to the firm! - let's not forget that the firm comes after family and faith, and ethics as well.

Tell them... and do so professionally, discreetly, and walk them through the implications and talk about their actions going forward. Careful of them becoming loose cannons. Sorry, but you're still employed...