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I'm looking for some advice as to the appropriate length of the one-on-ones I've just started having with my team, wondering whether 60 minutes per direct is too long. I can and am happy to invest the time, but I'm used to having 30 minute O3s, per the podcast(s) and the Manager Tools form/template.


However, this new team I'm now running has an extensive amount of "opportunities". While there's some of that on the personnel development side, the vast majority is due to a real mess on the desks - folks only know portions of what they should be doing, what they are doing is vastly inefficient in many cases, and they don't understand why they're doing certain key tasks. You may surmised this, but there's been a large amount of turnover (including the former occupant of my role) in a small group/company, where much knowledge has vanished.


With that background, is it appropriate - at least for some initial period of time - to have longer O3s in order to devote a portion of the time to investigating/repairing the knowledge gaps / reviewing improvement & documentation steps, etc.? My gut feel is yes, but I'd certainly welcome any feedback!


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I recommend holding to the recommended 30 minutes as it will force you to go slow with your directs which is key to developing relationships which a main purpose and the first step in the Trinity. I sense you want to dive in and get fixing stuff but slow and steady is key here.

Good luck!


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I second Dawne's suggestion. If these are people in new roles then there's going to be a learning curve. You might want to consider sticking to the 30 minutes. Easy does it. While some folks step up to the plate under pressure others will not respond effectively to too much change. Just a few thoughts, take what you like and leave the rest. You know the details of your situation better then I do. Keep using the tools & keep coming back to the forums for suggestions.

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Thanks to both of you for the very direct & open feedback! Much appreciated, and your sense of the situation is spot-on. I will stick to the 30 minutes and work on the relationship building & "managing the change".