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I am looking for best practices / examples on how you document your lessons learned.

Following the statement that "Good Decisions come from Experience which again comes from bad decisions" it is helpful to have a log of decisions,their circumstances and assumptions and for sure their outcome.

Any good templates / format you are using, ways to log it, helpful information which should be decimented beside of the one mentioned before?

@Mark and Michael: might be this would be a good podcast? So far I only know that I should do it and do it in a certain way, a tangible advice was missing so far for me.

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I am also combing searching for ideas on identifying, tracking, and incorporating lessons learned.  Is there a good methodology to assist with this process?

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Mark and Mike have had podcast discussions about tracking "changes that you would make" in the future:

This is a document you keep private--for your own use. As such, there is no one perfect technology for tracking such information.