I have been submitting letter of intents or cover letters for some time, also through my employment I am able to see those submitted by others. These letters include the same information for the most part:
Computer literate, ability to work independently or in a team setting, ... The information on my form seems outdated and those on the ones I read are similiar to mine, outdated... boring...


I have been reviewing several job openings such as ..

So if I were to incorporate some of their words on my cover letter, similar to

I am a self starter who recognizes where processes can be improved and I take the initiative to improve them.

This is true of me but obviously these are not my words. Is this cheating/plagiarism  or is this acceptable?


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It is not plagerism but it is also not effective.  If you can say that you take the initiative to improve them, why don't you actually give an example or two to show the reader some initiatives you have undertaken and how you did improve them?  That is where you differentiate yourself and take the boring out of your letters.

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Wouldnt that be done in the interview? The letter of intent I was asked to complete is one paragraph, isnt this where I try to include everything possible?

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I agree, that is a very awkward sentence.    Also, if this is the job you are applying for, don't parrot their words back, I would push your application to the recycle bin for that.

And no the detail isn't saved for the interview, a covering letter is to make people interested in you.  Give a concrete example of taking initiative, if that is what you think is most important.  In particular, a job for an Admin, the cover letter is of more importance to me than most of the resume.  Eg:  Do you have strong written communication skills?  Perfect grammar, spelling and structure?  Understand how to write a proper business letter?  Can you convey ideas briefly but still provide the requisite detail?  A sentence like "I'm a self-starter" just irritates me. 

We all think we are self-starters.  Don't tell me, show me.



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.... and neither can a resume.  they are snapshots.  A cover letter or letter of intent definitely has to include some things you have accomplished or been successful at.