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Today's WSJ and other media outlets had stories about a recent CareerBuilder survey about the things that get resumes tossed aside first. Number one was typos (duh!). Number two was best described as over-the-top kinds of things (one sentence, written in Klingon, claiming leading missions in multiplayer online games was leadership experience, etc.) Also mentioned was 35% of the surveyed companies reported not listing skills will get you resume put aside and that you need a solid career summary statement and a list of skills. MT/CT guidance is that both are an unnecessary waste of space.

Mark, Mike, Wendii (et al), and any hiring managers and recruiters out there, what say you?

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Stick with the MT/ CT guidance... Eventually they'll catch on ;)

Personally I completely skip over the career summary, objectives, training/ skills acquired.

Typos and grammar errors will get the resume pushed to the side, for sure.

Bullet points (or worse still, big chunks of text) describing what is essentially a bloody cut and paste of their position description = FAIL.

I'm looking for responsibilities, followed by ACHIEVEMENTS.

If skills are listed without any evidence (ie achievements), then they're not worth much.

Definitely a waste of space. Go with Wendii's advice. It's 'out there' but it works ;)

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