Hi every one,

My name is Neil Hitchcox from Timaru, New Zealand. Yes another Kiwi.

Mike and Mark, I am very impressed that people of your calibre are putting so much of your free time out there for us. It is very much appreciated and I hope that you can manage to keep up the good work.

My wife, Donna, and I recently started a new business. One of the first things that I did was find good information on the Internet that will allow us to better succeed. In that process I came across manager-tools.

Not only has manager-tools given me some very sound information for running the business, but it also applies to other areas of my life. As a team leader for the local land search and rescue team (A nation wide voluntary group supporting the New Zealand Police). Your feedback model has been of great use in this area. Although I was giving feedback before, it is now much more effective. Especially coupled with the DISC model.

As an outdoor firstaid instructor, and bushcraft assessor with the New Zealand Mountain Safety Council (A voluntary organisation promoting Safety in the Outdoors), your podcasts on presentations have been of great relevance.

So although your podcasts are steered toward the upper corporate manager, it equally applies to many other areas of team and group facilitation, feedback and feedforward.
Last Note:[/b]
In the weekend I was on a tramp (I think Americans call it hiking) with my eldest son Jonathan. For the first four hours of the tramp the jingle at the beginning of each of your podcasts was repeating around in my head. Nearly drove me nuts :shock:



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It's a real pleasure having you here ... thanks for the great introduction!

Good luck on the new business; I know how THAT can be! ;-)

best regards,

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From someone who has tramped around Mt. Ruapehu and places close to Waioru, welcome! You come froma beautiful place full of wonderful people.

Sorry about the "stuck in the head" thing! It could have been disco!