In the podcast on location and choosing a company, they talk about thinking beyond where the job is located to where opporutniities will be in a company. This is suddenly very relevant to my job search. I have two top picks company A and B that have very similar roles. Company A is located nearby (30 min drive, and since we hate our apartment if I took the job we might move closer). I have the final round of interviews with them in the next week or two.

Company B has a office 15 min away and another 30 min away (across the street from Company A). Post-COVID, I would be required to be in an office and those would be allowed. However, these are satellite offices. I know that being in a satellite office is a disadvantage in terms of flexibility/promotion and my boss would be in the main office. I had my final round of interviews today and one of the people (not the boss but probably a peer of his) asked whether I would be willing to re-locate to the main office (2000 miles away, Bay Area to Chicago area).

This is ironic because I grew up in the Chicago area and my elderly father is currently in the process of moving to a town that is 15 min or less from their office. If I were single, I would definitely move if I took the job, even if they didn't pay for re-location, based on better opportunity in the company and being close to Dad and other family members. The question is my husband who has never lived outside of California and probably won't want to move to the Midwest. He's a house husband, so technically he could move (and we could get a much nicer house). I'm not sure if this is a minus for the company, because my husband doesn't want to move and that will hold me back, or a plus to live near Dad and in an area where housing is much less expensive. Either way, I would be on-boarding remotely as I am unwilling to move during COVID.

Anyhow, I answered the question about relocation by saying that I would need to consult my husband, but it could be an attractive move since I would be near Dad.

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Sounds like you and your husband need to have some discussions.  You need to know if he is willing to move for you.  You both have to come to an agreement on that.


You also need to decide on how you feel about being in a satellite office versus the main office.  You will also need to discuss your thoughts with your husband.


There are no right or wrong answers here, you just both need to be on the same page as far as what you both agree on what you want and are willing to do as a team.  There may have to be concessions on both sides.  Open and honest communication will help you decide.