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Mike, Mark, Wendii

Thank you very much for taking the time and effort to run an effective manager and communications conference in London. I found it useful, learnt a ton of new "tools" and met a bunch of very cool people.

Keep up your contribution to society. I'm sure it is appreciated by a lot of people all over the world.

Thank you

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Mark, Mike and Wendii,

just wanted to echo Anandha's post..... the last 3 days were fantastic, and I really appreciate your passion and energy in inspiring and helping us to be better managers.

Many thanks


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Dear Mark, Mike and Wendii,

I found the Effective Communications Conference really helpful. I had previously read about the DISC model but the practical exercises really brought home how I can modify my behaviour to become more effective.

Thank you for coming to London Mark and Mike, and I look forward to further London Meetups Wendii.

Best wishes


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Hi Mark, Mike and Wendii

I hope you guys are all enjoying a well earned rest today (Friday). The two days I spent at the conference were easily the best two days training I have ever had. I even re-listened to MT podcasts on my 5hour journey home as I was so enthused and inspired by the 2days.

Your delivery was amazing and I really enjoyed the interaction with a really great group, from many different organisations and nationalities.... it really does show that good management applies to every sphere and every country!!

I hope that one day I will be able to come to another conference and tell you personally how I have implemented the trinity (this is my pledge to you!!)

Thanks again and have a safe trip home.

Best wishes


PS Mark - keep up the running!! ;-)

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Mike, Mark and Wendii
I cannot express here how much I appreciated the conference. The tools you guys taught are, I am sure, going to help both my immediate needs in helping to develop the company I work for and my career.
Thank you for your time and warm hospitality.

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Mike, Mark and Wendii
The way you challenge to learn is irresistible!

Best of luck changing the world!
I promise to play my part.

Thank you!!!

All the best!

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Mike, Mark and Wendii,

Thank you for organising and running the best 3 days of training I've ever experienced. It was so inspiring I could hardly sleep each night with all the threads coming together! Awesome, thank you!

And, as my fellow attendees are inevitably reading this and considering what to write, thanks to you too - for being fascinating and enthusiastic and giving throughout. You all rock, and I hope to catch up with you at future meet-ups / conferences.

Cheers all,

P.S. Andy, Michael & Mark, I meant to tell you all that I was so awed by your dedication to run while at the conf, I went out on Thursday morning and it felt great :-)

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Mark, Mike and Wendy,

Two of my guys attended the two fist days and were thrilled. Roland was especially boosted by the kindness he received from you and from the other attendees. It is always a surprise to see that people from different places and cultures can go along so well because they live the same things in the company.
He told me he has decided to give more positive feed back to his "poor" directs.
Both could not believe the energy demonstrated by Mark during the two days.

I attended the effective communication conference (third day) and the energy was still there! It was so good to meet the team and the Amsterdam attendees again. You did a great job again. The practice was really fun too.
I now find myself paying so much attention to the behaviors that I forget to listen to what my interlocutor says!

I imagine that your conferences in Europe are just above breakdown point operation, so you must be thanked a million for that.

Thanks again.


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Dear mark, Mike and Wendii

I'd like to add my thanks for the 3 intensive, unforgetable days I spent in London with great group of people from all across Europe and even the US!

I found in my Inbox another Community Post from the PMI with the following article as quiz question :

With the effective communication day under my belt, I see what they mean and why. But it does remain a special case of appplying the DISC profiles. What a coincidence...



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Mike, Mark and Wendii,

Thanks very much for a great day at the communications conference! I have never been to such an energetic meeting!
I learnt so much and like Cedric, I have been looking for behaviours and forgetting to pay attention to the conversations!

I look forward to meeting you all again.



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Hey Stuart,

It was nice to share some pratice with you.
Wish you the best.



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Good to meet you too.

I hope the MY France pod casts go well! I'm sure they will if your podcasting is anywhere as good as your acting skills!



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Good to meet you too.

I hope the MT France pod casts go well! I'm sure they will if your podcasting is anywhere as good as your acting skills!



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Dear Mike, Mark and Wendii,

The Effective Manager and Effective Communication trainings in London 20-22 of January 2009 was the very best training I have ever partipated in!

It was truely great to see so many podcasts that I have listened to the past 1,5 years seeing come into 'real life'.

The energy, enthousiasm, sheer will of communicating your vision of improving management was really very motivating for me, not only now but also in the coming months and years.

So: thank you very much!!!!


I have just started a LinkedIn group for all alumni; just like the one of the Amsterdam conference of last year. I think this may benefit us all; as we can discuss our learnings and experiences both here on the forum, and on LinkedIn (having the benefit of seeing the profile/ recommendation etc of each of you).

Address of this LinkedIn group:

I hope many of you alumni will join!

Kind regards,

Jeroen de Miranda