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Mark will be in London on the evening of 21 June, so we've arranged an informal meetup.

It'll be at Gows Restaurant starting at 7pm. You can find details of the location here:

Mark will be happy just to say hi, or to answer questions, or to join in your debates.

If you're planning on attending, please let Wendii know - [email protected].

We hope you can attend and have a great time!


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Hi all,

Just wanted to thank the London team for a very nice evening, it was first time for me joining the London MT community.

It was an honor to meet Mark for the first time and be able to tell him in person how I greatly enjoy the show and even managed to achieve a successful interview for my new job thanks to it.

Also thanks to Wendii for a great choice of venue, impressive!

Hope to see everybody soon.


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Yeah, it was totally rad.


Thanks for everything!