For anyone who hasn't seen the blog post:


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We had a great time last night, and I'm glad so many people were able to join us.

If you didn't get an email from me this morning, please can you pm me... some of you have very dodgy handwriting!

If wern't able to join us last night, but want to join us on 26th April, pm me too and I'll add you to the distribution.


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I'd like to support Wendii's proposal for another London meetup on April 26. It would be great if we could build on the experience some of us had at the excellent Amsterdam conference. I'd like to learn from managers who have just discovered MT and who are working their way through the Podcasts. We could do some exercises and reflect on how to apply this stuff in a UK context, particularly in relation to UK employment law and practice.


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I am interested.

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Mike and I are likely going to be back in London the night of 16 May, and would be happy to join a London group for a meet up.

I think somewhere near Heathrow would be best....


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I'm happy to trek out to the wilds of Heathrow to meet up with London MTers and Mike & Mark. :D

I've just checked and the only hotel with direct walking access to the airport (and therefore the tube stations at Heathrow) is the Hilton. See here for info: [url][/url]

Otherwise, I'm not really familiar with the bars and restaurants onsite - has anyone got any ideas?


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Awesome you are back in the UK. I look forward to seeing you on the 16th.

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Some additional thoughts:
The incredible new BA terminal -T5- will be operating in May. Restaurants include a Gordon Ramsey (but I'm not sure what is accessible landside vs what is accessible airside).

The Hilton is connected to T4 by a covered walkway - that's about 1km long!, although it's closer to T2 (and has it's own parking for those who would be driving to Heathrow).

Finally - and I'm working from a foggy memory here - isn't the Fuller Brewery relatively close to Heathrow?

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The Fuller Brewery is in Chiswick.. it's not far... maybe 30 minutes.

Rowley and I had a chat last night: how does this sound for everyone:

We still do Apr 26th somewhere in London in a pub with a private room so we can do some exercises and then adjourn for drinking.

May 16th we find somewhere near the Piccadilly line or at Heathrow and have a similar set up to the one we did in London when Mark was over last? I have easy access to T5 to go and check it out if we think that's a good option.


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I'm up for both - let me know when and where :D



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[quote="wendii"]I have easy access to T5 to go and check it out if we think that's a good option.


I think that sounds great. Please do check it out and let us know.

I'm going to start a new topic for this subject as I don't think enough people are finding it here.


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Count me in. :D


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Dear All,

Agenda for Saturday April 26th:

7.00 - 7.15 Introductions
7.15 - 8.00 Feedback practice
8.00 - 8.30 Group problem solving
8.30 - 9.00 Informal discussion

The April 26th Meetup will be held at The Coopers Arms on Flood Street, Chelsea.

It's a nice pub with good food and lovely staff. They're giving us a reserved area for our meeting.

Nearest tube: Sloane Square (10 mins walk or 5 mins bus)
Nearest mainline stations: Victoria & Clapham Junction (take bus 170 from both stations - 20 mins)
Buses: Several, incl. 19, 11, 211, 319, & 49. (Get off by Waitrose & 3 min walk).

Map and venue info: