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Several of us are meeting up on Wednesday 27th November at 730pm. We will be meeting for dinner at the Giraffe (SouthBank near Waterloo East).
Please let me know if you are able to make it and I will book a table.
Hope to see you there.
(+447967033234  or anandha at

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 Hi Anandha

I'm still unsure about that date. Though I'll be back from Malaysia by then I'll be moving into a new house so I'm unsure how busy I will be during that time. 

Will keep you posted.


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 Hi all, 

I'll try my best but not sure if I'm going to be back from meeting up in Newcastle. 

All the best


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No stress - if we see you, great. If not, catch you at the next one!



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We are normally there till 9-930. Give us a call if you want to see if we are still there. Maybe you can join us for a cheeky pint at the end.

Anandha (+44 7967 033 234)