I have two reports that have stated in their O3 that personal life matters just as much as business life. I bring this up because there are times that require greater than 8 hour days. Nothing excessive, just 1-2 hours extra over 5 days each month. I've clearly stated their deadlines, which they meet, but often only finishing at the last minute. If there is an issue, I am forced to redirect my energy to help them. Any suggestions for this newbee manager?

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Read a lot of the posts in this section of the discussion forum. Learned a LOT. It's not about time, its about results. So I will make it clear that this is the deadline. X date at Y time. I will try harder to not get into discussions about time, but stay focused on results. Does anyone have any other suggestions or other articles on this site that would help me grow and become a Manager-Tools manager.

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I'm sorry this has taken me so long. I regret my absence.

Feedback, feedback, feedback. Just let them know that if they are always barely meeting their deadlines, they're essentially saying they're not willing to come up with better faster ways of doing things, and those who do THOSE things are more likely to get better raises and promotions. And, they increase your, your team's, their, and the org's risk when they leave no wiggle room.

You can give positive feedback for meeting deadlines, and negative feedback for not improving...