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Some recent posts in the member bios have inspired me :) I too have been listening to podcasts and lurking in the forums for some time, and it's high time I introduced myself!


I'm an IT Manager for a software company in the Bay Area. I manage a team of six technical folks and business analysts, split between HQ and our India office.

Prior to my current position, I came from a consulting firm which helped me to unlearn some bad habits. These habits were left over from my earlier position at a start-up, where flying by the seat of your pants was a requirement for survival.


I'd been a project manager in the past, but this is my first experience with people management. Imagine my surprise when it was not AT ALL the same as managing projects :shock:

I cringe when I think about the first six months or so, pre-MT. I owe a tremendous thanks to M&M, as well as all of the MT members whose guidance I've benefited from. My direct reports would probably thank you as've saved them from a terrible fate had I been left to my own devices!


I'm a graduate of UC Santa Barbara, with a degree in Criminal Justice, and originally planned to become an attorney but found law school was not for me. I'm sure there are plenty out there who had different experiences, but for me changing paths was the best choice. Luck, timing, networking, and a resume stacked with accomplishments have been on my side, so except for that first job out of college my unrelated degree hasn't made too much of an impact.


I think of a career in IT as basically embracing my geek destiny. My husband and I are both big technology fans and love to play around with the latest gadgets. Along with being a first-time manager, I'm also a first-time homeowner so we spend every weekend working on the house. Construction is great exercise, but I also love waterskiing and boating, and we spend every chance we get up in Lake Tahoe. (For those who are not familiar - this is a mountain lake which straddles the California / Nevada border, and the site of the 1960 Winter Olympics.)


I'm a high D, 7-3-1-1.

That seems to cover it for me - thanks again to M&M, and everyone who has unknowingly helped me over the last year or so!


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Welcome out of your lurking! :-p

I'm sure we're all looking forward to your insights and opinions.


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Welcome aboard! Go Gauchos.

Glad you're with us, and glad we're helping. We're doing this to help you become a great manager.