I realize I have never done a bio before, so here goes (practice, practice, practice).

I started listening to the casts in August, 2005, soon after I got a job in another city, as the first Director at a very small company. The podcasts came at a prefect time for me, and for that I am eternally grateful. I manage a production department with 7 people, run the quality management system, and do business development. Our company has had to overcome many challenges, we struggle with them day to day, and we'll have more in the future as we try to change the culture from "service provider" to "solution provider". Manager Tools has helped me tremendously; and indirectly, helped the careers of those I manage. This is good for society, if even in a small way.

Story: I visited my son's Middle School recently. I met all of my child's teachers. All of them repeated the same idea, that they would lay down on train tracks for their boss, the principal. This is the kind of manager I want to be. Someone who has those kind of relationships. Manager Tools makes all the difference. I'm working at joining one of the conferences in 2008, and I want to thank Mark, Mike, and everyone in these forums for helping me accomplish this difficult goal.

Thank you!

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Since there's only [u]thirty-six[/u] people that could actually "Welcome" you...I'll just say thanks for sharing that great story!


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I'm one of that thirty-six, it appears (hadn't thought about it until now!), so, "welcome!".


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I will welcome you. Heck, I welcome my friends and family over and over again all the time. So, welcome.

I don't know that I'd lay down on train tracks for you though. But I'm sure I'd run over and pull you off of them. :)

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If you sort the member list in descending order by join date, I'm all the way down to #18,630 :cry: I guess it's all how you look at it!

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You had me with your original avatar...the story only seals it!

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Good to hear from an active member! Thanks for sharing.


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Jeff, I feel weird saying welcome to an active member that's been here longer than me.

Oh well.



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Welcome! Please hang out and contribute on the forums. The more the merrier!

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Hey Jeff. Thanks for being here from the beginning.

Feels like yesterday!


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Welcome Jeff,

Great story. Nice to see another Coloradoan on the forums.