I am looking for some type of blog/repository that I can use to share files, best practices, daily chat, etc.  I'd rather not have it in the Vbulletin type format but am not really sure what's out there...any suggestions?

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I've never used them, but have heard good things about the tools at  Campfire looks like it might fit your needs... I think there are free versions for smaller teams.

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wordpress has a "group blog" format (and it's free!)


You can make it subscription only, so only members of your team can see what's posted, and will host it for you or you can host it internally.

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At the site where I am coaching they use MS Sharepoint. It is like an internal blog. I have no clue about system requirements, costs, and other under the cover items.

It allow us to:

Link our Outlook calendar to a portal for all to see.

Share any type of file.

Post links to best practices,


Sends an email to everyone in the group when a new discussion or comment is made.



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SharePoint would be your best bet if your company uses it. Contact your IT department to see what they recommend. There are often security, infrastructure and support issues they can easily help you bypass.

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My company uses SharePoint. It is configured by the IT department and ensures that company information stays on company servers. If you have the opportunity to use SharePoint, I recommend it.

SharePoint provides an entire environment for online collaboration. You get blogs, wikis, and document libraries. There are also a selections of lists like Contact Lists, Calendar Lists, Announcement Lists, and custom Lists. It integrates seamlessly with Office 2007 so you can interact with the SharePoint site from within the familiar Office applications. The biggest thing I struggle with is getting others to expand their view of the SharePoint site beyond the document library where files can be shared.

If you can't get a SharePoint site set up within your company's network, there are lots of options out there. I don't have enough information about them to recommend one over another. Please consider that any company information you post or store on a non-company computer is at risk. Be comfortable with their privacy policy. Read completely through the EULA. (If you have a legal department, have them read through the EULA as well.) Also be comfortable with their security policies and procedures.