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I'm looking for a podcast that I remember hearing probably 3 years ago (it was not new at the time, I'm not sure how old the Cast is) about internal support departments. I believe the topic is something related to IT specifically, but it branches out to address all internal service departments (IT, Accounting, HR, etc). The core idea is that these departments should see sales, marketing, production, and other "core" departments or units as their customers, and that the default response to requests should never be "no" but rather "let's figure out how to say yes." I'm paraphrasing here, but that's the gist of it.

For context, I oversee all of our support departments here. That cast really shaped how I approached my job and worked with my peers in other departments. I am grooming 1-2 of my directs for managerial roles and I think this Cast is a great place to start. Of course I will be including the Trinity, etc, but none of that matters without having the right mindset and approach in the first place. 

Can anyone help me find this cast? I have combed the Map of the Universe, and tried a number of different search terms and just can't find it. Thank you in advance. 

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Was it this one?

Internal Support Roles and Requirements Shownotes


You might find these useful too:

Jump Starting Internal Customer Relationships (Part 1 of 2) | Manager Tools

Resolving Conflict With Internal Support Providers | Manager Tools


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The first one is definitely the one I was looking for. Thank you! For anyone working in an internal service department (IT, HR, etc) this cast should be considered a must-listen. 

Note, that link is broken, it's trying to go to your persona accounts' show notes for some reason. Here is an updated link for anyone else looking:

Again, thanks very much, Wendii!

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I'm sorry about the link - I thought I fixed it.   Thank you for linking to the right place for everyone.  

Glad to have helped!