Hi All, 

I'm looking for a UK based mentor that works in the telecoms (or related) industry.

I am 24 years old, about to start a 'Head of Network Performance' role and worked in the telecoms industry since late 2005. My role is customer facing with the company that has outsourced the end-to-end responsibility of the delivery of their products and services carried across the network I have responsibility for.

I'm looking for some help in finding my next steps and disucssing my development plan. I think my biggest concern is identifying my development areas and keep my career progressing at the same speed.

If anyone is able to spare anytime I would be extremely grateful. 

Kind Regards, 


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A few like minded folks meetup every 6 weeks or so for dinner and a chat. If you are able to make it, this might be a good place to start.

We meet this week on Thursday 22/March at the SouthBank Giraffe near Waterloo East Station.

Thanks, Anandha

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Thank you for the information. I am often in London so if the two match it would be great to join you all :)



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We are planning on meeting again sometime in May. Let me know when you are planning a trip to London and I can organise an event around your planned trip.