I'm not sure if it's in good taste to post requests like this here but I wanted to reach out to the MT community for assistance. If this is frowned upon here please let me know. (I have been an avid MT'er for a couple of years now, this is my anonymous alias. I'm pretty sure I've seen requests like this from time to time).

My company has recently been acquired by a larger organization and I am seeing changes that aren't necessarily in line with my personal career goals. Since the acquisition and the accompanying changes that have occured, and are still occuring, I am simply not enjoying work as much as I used to. My job is secure (or so I think anyway! :D ) so I'm not in a hurry to make any quick moves, but I wanted to put some feelers out and begin exploring other options that may exist.

My background is in IT consulting, specifically around Microsoft products. And even more specifically, around the Microsoft infrastructure stack and related products. I have been in the industry for about 14 years total, with the first 10 or so being a dedicated, client facing resource working in a consulting and project-oriented capacity. About 4 years ago I first got into management and eventually led a team of 20 infrastructure consultants. I then accepted an offer from my employer to relocate to a new market and assist with building a new office in the Cincinnati area from the ground up. I became the regional services manager and in the course of a year built the team from 2 technical resources to 15. I also owned the P&L for our region.

I can go into more details individually with anyone if there are any takers, but long story short the acquisition has created some shifts in my role.

I'm in my early 30's and am sort of at a cross roads, professionally, and trying to decide what I want to do next, so I'm open to exploring a wide array of opportunities. I have a very solid background in the Microsoft world, so continuing to consult is an option. I also have a lot of pre-sales experience so working in a technical pre-sales capacity is also an option. I've enjoyed these last 4 years in management and with Mark and Mike's help I feel that I've grown a ton, especially in the last 18 months or so. So I'd be open to a traditional IT management role. I don't mind travelling up to 50% (can do short bursts of 100% as needed) and I don't ming being a remote employee working from home.

I do have relationships with recruiters that I've started to engage, but that last part is really why I wanted to post on here. There are people all over the U.S. on here and the nature of IT consulting allows for remote workers in geographically remote locations, so if I was to concentrate my search to local recruiters I could miss a national-level opportunity, which is why I'm reaching out the MT community.

So, if anyone might be interested or be able to put me in touch with someone, please PM me and I can provide additional details and contact information.

Thanks for reading.