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Hello to all the MT minions in the Los Angeles metropolitan area!  With a population over 14 million I'm guessing their must be at least a handful of you out there.

Do you have any interest in a meet up?  I live in the San Gabriel valley but would be willing to go as far North as Oxnard or as far South as Irvine.



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I know this was posted quite some time ago, but I am in North Orange County and I am interested in a meet up.




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Sorry I missed this posting and can see that the preceding messages were posted a long time ago, but I am in Pasadena and would be interested in a meet up.


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 Just became a member.  Did an event occur or still in the planning?

Let me know.

and hi everyone 

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What fields do the rest of you work in?


I manage a warehouse. We specialize in the import/export of oversize and overweight cargo.