A hearty “Thank You” to Mark, Mike, Maggie and to the entire participating group of the Los Angeles One Day Effective Manager conference. 

I found the day to be highly engaging, full of substance, and worth every moment. What made this one of the best conferences I have ever attended was:

  • Excellent participation from all members.  Even the High Ss got a word in despite us High Ds.
  • The group was made up of individuals with diverse backgrounds, industries and positions: from CIO to new supervisors.
  • In depth conversations about the Trinity, with special attention given to members with unique circumstances – and who doesn’t have a unique circumstance?
  • Real time feedback from M&M throughout the group exercises – whether you wanted it or not.
  • Discussions went into over-time by a couple of hours and M&M were very courteous and willing to stick around. I hear the networking was fun afterwards and I am sorry I missed it.

Mark stated that he would stand on his head in a corner wearing a tutu if it would make a difference in how managers “manage”. If you attend the conference, not only will you take away actionable tools, you might help spare humanity from the horror of Mark in a pink tutu.
Best Regards,
Shea Dibble
Energy Programs Supervisor
San Diego Gas & Electric

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I completely agree with your comments.  I'm glad you've started a thread here for us all to share our experience with the LA conference, and keep in touch.

We did have an excellent networking event afterwards, and contributed to my only getting two hours of sleep before my flight left the next morning.  But it was definitely worth it!

-Jon S. Helmer

Manager of Information Technology

Perceptive Software, Inc.

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Shea, Jon,

Thank you very much!

And people wonder why we think we have the best jobs in the world? Spend one day at a conference with folks like the group in Los Angeles and it's easy to figure out. :-)

All the best!


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For those who were at the LA Effective Managers conference (and anyone else who has been or is thinking about attending one).

It's been one week (a short week even with the holiday on Monday) since I got back to my office from attending the LA Effective Managers conference.

Those of you who were there, you remember that I have been listening to Manager Tools for about 3 year, been a Premium Member for over 1 year, and was only doing O3's.  Why?  Fear of taking the next step of giving feedback.

Since getting back, I have rolled out the Feedback Model to my team (using Mark and Mike's material), and have given each of my directs at least two items of feedback since Tuesday.  That's a pretty good start I'd say.

And today in an O3, one of my directs told me how amazed they were at my level of engagement with the team since I had returned, and how excited they were to see me excited to do my job.  They were also grateful to have me giving them feedback, and were looking forward to correcting feedback (in 8 to 12 weeks of course :).

Again, thank you Mark and Mike for a great conference.  I am telling anyone who will listen to me (and even those who won't :) about Manager Tools, and the Effective Manager Conference.


-Jon S. Helmer

Manager of Information Technology

Perceptive Software, Inc.


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I can't think of a better end to my day than reading your comment. Thank you.

And thanks again for joining us at the conference ... and for taking the step of putting the learnings into action. Although I'd like to think that folks can put this stuff (feedback, in particular, comes to mind) into practice solely based on the podcasts, it's clear that the conference is a huge momentum-builder for many.  Nothing beats full engagement and LOTS of practice.  ;-) 

Thanks for sharing your experience.  I hope others note your success and take action as well ... even if they don't come to the conference. :-)

All the best!


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You're absolutely right in that the podcasts have all of the information necessary to put the Trinity into action.  The podcasts are incredibly valuable, and always contain actionable take away items.  I appreciate them so much, and I have a ton of them on my iPod that I continue to go through, and add to as new ones are released.

Thanks for all you and Mark do, especially the excellent free material in the podcasts!


PS - for those of you who aren't Premium Members, that's definitely another source of tools you should consider!

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I just found this thread and feel compelled to add to the praise.

The LA Manager Tools conference added so much depth to my original understanding of why the Trinity exists and how each piece fits together.  I also found that simply being in a room full of people that cared about being a manager - regardless of industry, job title, or function inspired me to remember the great privilege it is to be a manager. 

One aha moment for me was the delegation discussion.  Since the conference, my directs now have more fulfilling tasks on their plate that they were happy to tackle.  I, consequently, spend less time with my head in my hands dreading those very same tasks. 

Finally, for those HR people that dare to enter the MT space and for those of you who know HR people (whether you admit to it or not), Manager Tools is an ally.  Any tool that is built upon respectful, fact based communication with employees should be a no-brainer for HR.

Mark, Mike, your energy and enthusiasm was and is infectious...thank you so much for all that you do.

For all of you attending in Seattle/Chicage - enjoy!

Jenny Pena

Sr. Human Resources Manager


PS - Another thing we heard several times was..."Read "The Effective Executive" by Peter Drucker!"  Save Mark's breath and just go read it beforehand. I took his advice/mandate.  That book coupled with this conference? Peanut butter and chocolate!