Hi All, 

What do you do when you lose your edge at work? What do you do when your work is not good enough and what you have done to improve does not seem be enough? What do you do when your boss gives you feedback that is pointing to a "loss of edge?"  Any advice is very welcome.

Thank you all for your time. 

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Tough situation to be in. Perhaps the Acting On Negative Performance Communication cast could help.


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This is what I need. The issue was negative feedback regarding performance on a new system I need to support. Thank you again for this. Will let you know how it goes. 


Constant Professional. 

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Wanted to give an update so I can hopefully get additional perspective. My manager sent me a memo with bullet points on things I must change within a specific deadline.  The strange thing is the memo did not come through the traditional performance improvement system. The message was not even placed with a CC to include anyone else.  I'm taking what she wants and creating a to-do list around. I even created more steps on my to-do list (triple check my work so that I can do the best I can to "correct" the issue and etc). My main goal is to beat,  "this thing" and "concur it" so that it does not follow me to whatever is next.   Thank you all in advance for your advice and for the information in the negative performance communication podcast.