I've hit a point in my career where I want to make a bigger impact on the organization and not just continue to lead projects. How do I approach my manager about "taking it to the next level"?

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 I would bring some ideas and suggestions to your manager about what types of things you want to take on.  Some broad ideas are:

1.) Is there something that your boss owns that you can take on, i.e. help him/her delegate to you?

2.) What are your strengths?  What are you really good at that you can help the rest of the organization be really good at?

3.) Is there something currently going on in the organization that you want to be a part of?

4.) Is there a particular vulnerability/weakness in the company that you can address?


These are general ideas.  You can make them specific based on your company's needs.  Your manager may or may not take you up on any of these ideas but it gives him/her an idea of what you're looking for.

I love it when one of my DR ask me to take on more.  It makes it so much easier for me to delegate.  Good luck!


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Be careful how you approach your manager. You know him/her better than anyone here. Make sure to do it in a way that says Boss, I want to help or develop myself vs Boss, you are too stupid to realize I can do more and you are not doing your job.  Managing up rarely works.