Where have you been all of my life?!! In the last 2 days, since discovering these amazing podcasts, I've been absorbing up advice and wisdom I've been searching for my entire adult life. Here's the conundrum: I've been doing a lot of things wrong. How do you put all of this good information to use without disrupting those working relationships around you too much? I'm not afraid to tidy up my behavior, but more wary to suddenly come off as self-righteous or smug--especially in a small company.

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Hi Desert Rose,

Welcome to the MT family.

The first step would be to work on yourself and stop doing those things that you are currently doing wrong. You don't have to start being perfect. Just stop being ineffective.

After steps. When you are running a meeting, run them with an agenda, ground rules and action items. But ease into it. Talk to a few colleagues about 'trying something different' before you do it.

If talking about the Trinity (1on1s, Feedback, Coaching and Delegation) then there is a cast for rolling it out and the recommendation is to roll it out slowly over several months.

Hope that helps a bit.

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Indeed...this is a journey, not a sprint.

I have been a listener/follower of MT almost since the beginning and I still endeavor to get better every day.

If you purchase an individual license then you gain access to the Trinity Rollout Email series to walk you through The Basics.