How do I physically make a counter offer to an offer made verbally?

I know I have NOTHING until I get the actual offer, but I've been called in to meet with the Executive Producer of the theatre where I've been interviewing. She's asked me to meet with her on a Saturday and I've heard through the grapevine (very small community) that I'm going to get the offer.

IF she makes me the offer, I am very nearly positive that the salary will be below what I am able to accept. I know the salaries of other employees and, for that matter, I know her salary, as it's public knowledge on GuideStar. I would be willing to take the job, however, for X amount, if a certain level of flex-time is allowed, or a compressed workweek, etc.

At the meeting with her, I will leave it with, "I need to discuss with my husband." But then what? Can I email her with possible counter offers? Or do I need to set up another face-to-face meeting?

Any advice is GREATLY appreciated!


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What you're doing is not a counter-offer. You're simply stating your salary requirement. You're also asking for a modified schedule at a place that (I'm guessing) has unusual hours to begin with. Keep in mind that asking for one, the other, or both could have the Producer questioning whether they should retract the offer already made.

It's all in how you ask. If you say you NEED to have this other schedule and you NEED more money, it's not going to sound good. If you tell her that you would prefer a certain schedule and it would reduce your salary requirement if you could get it, that's another story.

Anything you say to her about this needs to be verbal, most likely on the phone. Email is a cop out. You could do it in person if you really want to, but that is not that common (maybe it is in theater? I don't know. It's not common in business).

Here's the other question: How sure are you of your numbers? If she offered you X-$100, would you take it? X-$400? Are you that tight financially that you couldn't live on $400 less a year? What happens if she says she can't pay you X, but she can pay you X-$500 a year. If you accept it, now she knows that you were exaggerating your requirement (or that she can push you around).