I could use a bit of help and guidance.

After many years in sales, and the last 4 in a Management position, I decided to switch industries and seek out another position that allowed for more long term growth. I did so, a year ago, took a position with actually a greater title, better pay, but no directs. I went with this thinking it was a better move long term. It has not met my expectations, and I feel I'm only utilizing about 30% of my talents in this role. I've set out and have several options that look like they are opening up to me, but still at a key fork in the road. I have two options that would put me in a sales team leadership role, one a startup, with lots of uncertainty, the other a tried and true company, with decent product. I also have two individual contributor options, one putting me in a more technical role, with a stellar company, the other moving me to a Marketing Manager position ( but no directs) for a stellar company in a fantastic industry, and a challenging/interesting role. Key question is, which way to go for long term growth? I have gotten challenged that my management experience is only 4 years, and I'm afraid that if I don't take another team leadership position soon, that door may close permanently. I see my self satisfied in other individual contributor roles, and that is the dilemma. All these pay about the same.


Thanks MT and community!!

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Any thoughts on whether taking a chance on a managment position at a startup vs. the equivalent at a more established company?  th the opportunity offered by the startup vs. the stability and predictability, but lack of range at an established corporate. 


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Can you "afford" (I put quotes because I don't just mean from a $ perspective) for the startup option not to work out for you? For example, I know for me (wife, house, kid) a startup would probably not be a good choice since I am not really in a position to dedicate my life to it and then possibly not have it succeed. That is definitely one thing to look at.

Aside from that, which one would you get them most out of and what doors could it open up for you in the future. Looking a step ahead, which one puts you in a better position?

Best of luck with the decision.