Can anyone out there share info about the subject topic?

i need information/article on any "Management Model"

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Hi uitian,

Not really too sure what you are after, however here is a start point. These look to the motivations for staff, and the motivations for organisational change.

[url=]Theory X and Theory Y[/url]
[url= E and Theory O[/url]

Hope this helps.

As for O3's, no theory, just do it.

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thanks 4 u reply.

actually i need infor about any of "Management Models"

theory x and theory y as actually are the motivations theory. i need infor related to "Management Models"

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This sounds a lot like homework. Google is your friend.

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Can you help us understand more about why you need it?


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actually i need it for my project that is about the same topic any "Management Model" and its application to any international company.

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Dear mahorstman,

appreciate your guidance.

what is basically the management model?
Number and names of Management model available?
Describe any Management Model in detail?


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Here's a website that a fellow manager at my company pointed me to. You ought to be able to do some good research here.

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Hi Terrih, nice link, now saved in my bookmarks - Thank you :D


Just reading your points: :idea: you have a project that requires you to make an assessment of "Management models", across international boundaries. I feel a bit of reading coming on, but let's keep going.

You'll hit a few things here:
[list=1][*]local corporate governance rules vary across nations. These are important to know so you can keep regulators off your back. This is particularly interesting when one country has financial cutoffs at different times of the calendar year. One example is that sarbanes-oxley is not such a big deal in some areas of the world - have a read of for some background.
[*]Another possible thing is how work is divided and structured across project/matrix type organisations? Are you looking to build a very deep specialisation (coordinated local project teams), or a highly mobile (or agile) workforce? [url= Try this link[/url][/list:o]
There's a fair bit of literature around, so is this closer to the mark :?: If so, I'll keep digging.