I am interested in starting a startup business, and keen to know if the into in these casts are used for a small business/startup business, or for larger businesses? 

Keen to hear feedback from current members?





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Yes.  Not everything applies equally into all organisation shapes and sizes, but most of MT is still useful.


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Management is management. One on ones, feedback, coaching, and delegation apply all the time in any size business. Even a one man business dealing with vendors and suppliers can make use of these techniques. 

There is advice on this site that will be more tailored to someone working in a large corporation - status reporting, operating in a large pyramid structure, working to get promoted, etc. That advice is merely in addition to the basics that apply everywhere.  

Do the basics, and then hunt for things that you are not good at.

Good luck!

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I see here that people say yes, but I'm not sure about it, to be honest.

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I believe that both manager and career tools are useful for a small startup business.

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I also think that it is very important to have someone experienced beside you in your beginnings, as very often people give up on their dreams as soon as they encounter a problem.

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Not all may apply since it depends on whether you are start up or already an established business. However, note that the basic fundamentals are very important like delegation, handling of complaints and how to manage per se. You need to learn these things and as you go on, you need to learn more.

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My opinion is that both the manager and career tools are helpful for a small startup business. The New startup is always very hard and full of worries. Still, with such opportunities, everything will go much more accessible.

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How would you like to use MT in your business? What brought you here?

Manager Tools can be broadly useful in many professional contexts, but without more information on what you hope to get out of MT I'm not sure how we can help you. :-)

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One of the important foundations of a successful business, even a small one, is a professional and good manager.

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Management by principle is applicable to all business. It is the strategy and action plan that differs. So these MT can be helpful and can serve as a guide among SME's. 

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Agree with this. Management can be applied throughout in any field. Just find the right management tool for your business. But the principle behind is generic.

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I think any applications that help in business are helpful. I especially think it helps newbies. When there is not much experience in starting a business, you have to read much literature.