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BLUF: How should our company most effectively communicate management/manager information out to all managers in our company?

Our company is roughly 300 team members. Our management staff is about 60 team members. As we've grown we've seen some inconsistency in how our managers are managing. I think the solution is more intentional, regular and consistent communication out to all of our managers. However, I don't want to create a newsletter or email that will just be deleted when it's sent.

We hold quarterly Town Halls at each office location, send a corporate email communication out halfway between Town Halls, send out regular communication about our quality processes, have a security newsletter.

Can anyone share how senior management or HR shares similar information with managers in your organization that you feel works? Timing, content, frequency?

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The company I work for, a large multinational, flows information in a 3 stage process when we need to make sure it gets out.

1. Email sent to all managers
2. Follow up discussion with them to discuss the issues and how best to get out the floor
3. Townhall topic

This gives us a chance to make sure that we are all on the same page with the topic, clearly define the parameters of the issue/change, and finally to do a follow up to catch anyone who missed out (slept through) the earlier sessions.

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 Our office (275 geographically dispersed) has set up a process that all "need to know" info is placed on our intranet on the same day of the week in the same location (we also send an all employee email with attachments for those on travel). Managers receive the info 1-2 days prior to the post along with manager talking points. The talking points highlight what executives feel are the critical take aways along with some additional information on potential areas of concern. 

This seems to be working, since the employees know their supervisor may have more info they usually will prompt the supervisor if they do not bring the policy or memo up themselves. After a few times caught not reading or being prepared, the supervisors begin reading the HQ messages.

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My thanks to both of you for the input.