Greetings MT Managers!

I am a manager in Washington, DC who recently started One-on-Ones.  I love the concepts Mark and Mike review in their podcasts and would like to work with a group of people on a regular basis to help us all become more effective.

I'm not looking for a quarterly social Meet-up, but a more regular (monthly?) meeting schedule and a group of managers willing to support and challenge each other.

I can join an existing group or we can start a new one.  I can take the responsibility of coordinating logistics to get this going if any others are interested.

Respond on the Forum or reach out in a Private Message if you're interested.


Jamie P.

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Just posted a response to this on another forum.  Potentially interested.  Would like to know more.  Work in DC but live an hour outside of DC so logistics could be an issue.  But I've followed / loved MT since about 2007. 

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Ransome22 - It's so cool that you still go back for refreshers on old podcasts.  I'm definitely open to how we put this group together and want to make sure it adds value for both new MT users and those that have been practicing the concepts for a while.  I will send you a private message with some additional information and my contact info.

Here's why I want to do this - I'm 3 weeks into my One-on-Ones.  There are some things going well and some things I know I can do differently to become more effective (I'm a High C / High D - this relationship stuff isn't easy for me!).  I can talk to my boss or to my peers about it, but because they don't participate in MT, the conversations aren't as impactful (and yes, I plug MT with my colleagues all the time!).

That's what caused me to go looking for something like this.  Initial thoughts are in-person meetings every 4-6 weeks with a conference call halfway in between those (I know it can be hard to always get together live in the Metro DC Market).   It wouldn't just be one-way coaching, but true dialogue with regular interaction for friendly accountability and idea sharing.  

Jamie P.

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Near Rockville and Ready.


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D -

Sending you a private message with some additional info.  I'm ready too!

Jamie P.