Hi guys,

Thank you for the outstanding content and value you are providing, it is providing me with the next step in my management development. I am a new member who is working through your early casts and feel that it is worth my time to provide some positive feedback, at the risk of sounding like a broken record.

The booming mining industry in Western Australia has provided opportunities for many industry professionals to make the transition to supervisory and/or management roles - a situation born out of neccessity and a severe skills shortage. I have been fortunate to fall into this category and have made a relatively quick transition from front-line trade supervision to engineer to engineering team leader.

The unfortunate side effect of this trend has been many people are being exposed to leadership positions with little or no training in management soft skills (and often inferior technical skills). Mentoring is often in short supply and although there is definitely some training undetaken in my company, this is very rarely behavioural based.

What Manager Tools has proven to be for me is a source of management mentoring that fills a development void I have been looking to fill. Keep up the good work, I will definitely be subscribing as a Premium member in the near future and you can rest assured I will be passing on this resource to many of my colleagues in the industry who will no doubt benefit immensely.


Michael McKay