Hi MT Community,

My boss (company owner) recently promoted me to 'manager'. I went from a "Project Manager" to a "Project Manager with a Project Manger and two estimators" reporting to me.

My boss told me to "pick your own title" and he'll approve it.

What am I????

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Might ask advice from your boss about what fits local expectations.

If you don't actually have hire/fire authority, perhaps "supervisor" instead.

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Sr. PM?

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You are senior project manager or supervisior , may be both.

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Did you get an updated job description to go with your promotion. Congratulations by the way.

If you have individuals reporting to you and you are responsible for their work and activities. Along with coaching, feedback, delegation etc. I would say you are a manager or maybe team lead.

How about Project Services Manager. Project Services Team Manager. Or use leader.

Hope that helps. Good luck. Oh and if you don't have a job description with how you will be measured I would start doing your own one. There are a few casts about how to go about it.

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Congratulations on the promotion! Three ideas come to my mind - 

1) Project Management Manager

2) Project Director

3) Manager, Project Management

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I like Project Director.   Senior Project Manager may also be appropriate.  What titles do you see in your organisation that are comparable?

Kind regards