Hi folks,

My name is Stuart Watson and I'm the head of the operations group in a young (6 yrs old), small (<30 people), growing (100% annual growth) Australian technology company servicing the oil and gas industry.

I recently moved to Houston, TX from Melbourne, Australia as part our plan to estabish our headquarters in the oil capital of the universe. Still getting my head around the sheer number of big cars and the amount of concrete in this city but its been a fun few months.

My experience with Manager Tools has only been relatively brief (<4 weeks) but I've already put the tools to very good use. This is such good education for any manager (beginner or experienced). I went through a 14-week management coaching program last year and I can tell people from experience that MT provides better practical know-how and simpler tools to improve how you manage others. Don't get me wrong I benefitted immensly from the experience and my team is all the better for it but the process lacked the clear "how do I actually do it" steps that MT provides. I can't wait to get caught up on all the podcasts and implementing all the tools (first O3s tomorrow!)

I've actually had the full DISC profile done on me and I'm a loud and proud high-S, high-C. Love all my guys but they better get things right!

Can't wait for more of Manager Tools.

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Welcome aboard, Stuart!

The longest decade of my life was the year I spent in Houston. ;-)

Hope we continue to serve you well.