Hi, I am new to MT and I want to download all the basics. I am not that familiar with Itunes, I clicked the link at the top, but it only download “The Juggling Koan”. How do I get the rest of them?

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BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front).

Click the button to the right of the Manager Tools header in the Podcast Section of iTunes. It will be either 'Get All' or 'Subscribe' (which will then turn into 'Get All' , in that case click it again to 'get all').

The iTunes default setup is to only download the latest podcast in each feed. You can change this in 'Preferences'.

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On this page [code:1][/code:1] is what M&M deem to be "the basics"
To the right a few lines down the page is an iTunes button, click this and iTunes will download the basics.
If you also follow what Jim said you will have all the casts in iTunes plus a section of the basics