Does Manager Tools have a web site specifically engineered for mobile devices? I have as yet been unable to find it?

If not, I recommend Manager Tools develop such a mirror site since I am sure many Manager Tools members have mobile devices and would love to use them to access Manager Tools?

What do others think?

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Are you specifically wanting to read the forums, or surf the entire site?

Addressing the former:
I use Google Reader to stay up-to-date on the forums. By doing so, I can check my unread posts from any computer (or handheld), and remain up-to-date. Google keeps track of what I've read and not read.

Google Reader also works decently on mobile phones. I sometimes check unread posts on my Treo 650.


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Hi, thanks for the reply.

I would like to surf the entire site like I do the MLB and NFL mobile sites. It seems to me that there are many Manager Tools users who use or would like to use their mobile devices on the Manager Tools site.

Maybe M and M already have this in the works, if not maybe we could "suggest" this option?

I will check out the Google Reader option also. Thanks.

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[quote="eschenk"]maybe we could "suggest" this option?[/quote]

I got it Ernie! We're not actively developing the capability, but take your suggestion kindly. Thanks!