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Mark, Mike, and all of MT team, happy 15th anniversary!

Words are inadequate to express my appreciation for the great work you have done and how much I have benefitted from my 10 years of license subscription!  I moved from clinical psychology practice to the corporate world with a focus on helping new managers be more effective.  If a friend and colleage had not suggested I start listengint to the MT podcasts and be a licensee AND had we not start including Mark's "The Effective Manager" in our new manger program, I shutter to think about the critical information that would have been missing.

I have been encouraging all managers/leaders in our programs to take advantage of the MT podcasts and will be sending an email tomorrow letting all know about the move to streaming (which does make sense).


  1. How long will the promotion be available so I can encourage people to sign up?
  2. When will the move to streaming begin?
  3. I am guessing that streaming episodes will be available if we miss a week (or more) as long as we maintain our license.  Is that correct?

Thanks again for all you do, and be well, be safe, and be strong!

Ed Nottingham